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Parent Supervision Rota 2014

Parent Supervision Rota 2014 is now available
Dear Parents & Guardians, all of you need to review this rota.  Those parents who were unable to attend a supervision date have been allocated a new date.  Some of you kindly offered to do an extra date, so we have allocated you an additional date. Thank you for giving your time so generously.

We ask that all parents turn up promptly at 4.50pm, this is to ensure that we have a sufficient number of adults present for the well being of our children.

A class rep (name given on list) is responsible for the organisation of the supervision each week.
If you need to make any changes, please contact the class rep.

If there are any errors on the schedule, we apologise in advance. Please email us
Thank you for the support.  click here for your supervision dates....